Entry #5

Too random to crap...

2009-10-26 21:56:18 by aribaa

I'm posting a post that you're reading right now that will end at the end of this post that I am posting right now that you are reading right now that's going to end now after this period here next to the word next.

Too random to crap...


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2009-10-27 17:20:35

Oh shats, I sound like a ten year old in our voice demo.

aribaa responds:



2009-11-09 00:07:31

Have you been five-ing our submission? Because the score's gone up dramatically since the last time I saw it. Either that, of some weird people actually liked it. But who said I was complaining about it?

aribaa responds:

this mystery looks like a job for the Scooby-Doo Gang!!!


2011-03-09 16:24:17

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