Too random to crap...

2009-10-26 21:56:18 by aribaa

I'm posting a post that you're reading right now that will end at the end of this post that I am posting right now that you are reading right now that's going to end now after this period here next to the word next.

Too random to crap...

Ultimate Spam Flash Crashed for ta 2nd time!?!

2009-07-08 15:48:34 by aribaa

Omg!!! dis movie keeps crashing...(piece o da crap computer!)
I'll keep trying but I'm gonna lose my mind first! >:(

enjoy ze animation...
it tooks a while...

Ultimate Spam Flash Crashed for ta 2nd time!?!

New Flash...Not Spam!!!

2009-06-03 20:06:20 by aribaa

I'm working on a serious...depending on what u think of as serious...flash movie.
It's called "A Movie Named What?!"
Hope u will like it!!!


2009-04-14 18:43:33 by aribaa

mustaches are awesome!!!

working on flash!!!

2009-01-17 23:37:36 by aribaa

hey its me aribaa!!! I'm workin on anew flash movie... Flame Head!!!

Hopefully this time it won't get blamed...

suprisingly I'm using windows movie maker :)